Digital Marketing


Your customers are everywhere. Are you?


Jewell Media Services was one of the first media companies in the metro-Detroit area to specialize in digital advertising. We bring years of experience, depth of knowledge and a pioneering spirit to the digital space. Our team effectively targets -- and talks to -- your demographic online. In short, we know how to find your target audience wherever they are and deliver metrics that make your campaigns a success. 

  • PPC - Our extensive experience in Pay-Per-Click campaigns means that our clients get tried and true strategies that have delivered powerful results for multiple clients over dozens of high volume campaigns. 

  • Paid Search - Be there when your customers are. We know how to build search campaigns that maximize budgets, reach and direct response results. 

  • Remarketing - They didn't bite the first time but they clicked on your site, which means they're interested. We structure remarketing campaigns to re-deliver your message to these qualified leads.

  • Geo-Fencing - As one of the first agencies in Michigan to harness the power of this platform, we know how to use
    this location-based approach, delivering advertising to mobile devices within a defined geographic area. In simple
    terms. your messaging is delivered in real-time to your customer's smartphone when they enter your targeted location. Geo-fencing captures the device ID and continues to serve customers your message whevever they are.

  • Social Media Marketing - Early to this digital landscape, we target and deliver powerful campaigns across all social media platforms.

  • Email Marketing - Email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective elements in the digital toolbox. We build email campaigns that are relevant and powerful.

  • Measurement - It's all in the numbers -- and we know how to use them to keep your campaigns delivering maximum traffic. We provide clients with detailed metrics that show just how and where your dollars are going and who's responding. This data rich approach is crucial in building predictive models for clients that clearly show investment vs. conversion. Our clients find it an invaluable tool for planning and budgeting.